CH Bilrost's Dark Side of the Rainbow

Sire:   CH ArticCross N Double Helix's Mendelian Masterpiece RN CA CGC   (Mendel)
Dam:    CH  Hawkwind's Morganite Moonstone   (Morgana)

(C) Megan Elfrink

Hips: Excellent  
 Elbows: Normal 
 Eyes:  Normal  
 PRA: Normal
RD/OSD:  Normal
Cardiac:  normal / ECHO
  Synnie on the OFA website
Synnie's Pedigree

Sire Mendel (center) with daughters Synnie (left) and Mars (right)  2015

 (C) Megan Elfrink

 (C) Megan Elfrink

Sire Mendel (L) with daughters Mars (center, green girl) and Synnie (right, red girl) 2014

Synnie was the red girl in the Mendel x Morgana M&M litter.  (M&M litter announcement here)  She was my favorite from the day I met her.  She's a very sweet girl who I've been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to show to her Championship in the summer of 2015.  Synnie's owners live in Colorado, but they were wonderful to allow me the opportunity to spend some time with her in the ring and to do a very special breeding with her.

Synnie relaxing on the ottoman while papa Mendel photobombs
(C) Megan Elfrink

Synnie's first win, Beat the Heat specialty weekend

Mendel (L) and Synnie (R) waiting patiently while everything gets packed up after Waukesha dog show

Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, OH Best of Breed in Biloxi MS 
 an hour after our 16 hour car ride to get there.

New Champion, Synnie, at the Jackson, MS shows

Showing at the 2014 National Specialty

Synnie baby pictures: