Ch  Photo 51's Freedom Seven

Mercury Project Litter ~ Blue Boy

The Mercury Project Litter is our first sole breeding at Photo 51.
Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States running from 1959 through 1963. There were seven original astronauts of the Mercury team who trained together extensively and became something of a family. Even though each mission would be manned by only one of the astronauts, they all agreed that the word "Seven" would be in the call name of each of the flights to show their unity as a team and to give credit to ALL members rather than just the pilot of the mission.  

This is much like the Samoyed breeding, showing, and adoring program I am involved with. There are many people to thank for the puppies in this litter, and there are many people pulling for them. While this may be a Photo 51 litter, it has been undoubtedly a group effort to get here, it will be a group effort going forward, and I couldn't do it without the wonderful family I have come to know and love in Samoyeds. Being an individual with great notoriety might be the goal of some breeders, but a wonderful group of support and teamwork is the place for me and my dogs. 

Polo was whelped March 9th, 2016 and gets to live at a farm with horses and chickens and lots of fresh air.   He has an exceptional even temper and showing was a breeze for him.  We are very fortunate in that Polo's owners have allowed us to show him and we're extremely proud of him continuing as part of our breeding program! 

Dam:  CH Bilrost's Dark Side of the Rainbow (Synnie)  CHIC
Sire:  CH Hawkwind's ArticCross Emerald  (Rico)  CHIC

Hips:   Excellent
Elbows:    Normal
Eyes:  Normal
PRA: Normal by Parentage
RD/OSD: Normal by Parentage
Cardiac: Clear - Cardiologist