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To put it very bluntly... I just can't do it.

I cannot in good conscience put my dogs, puppies or myself at risk by breeding at this time.

Many veterinary clinics are not offering reproductive services, many specialty clinics that provide the health testing we depend on for informed breeding and our health guarantees are closed or booked out until next year.   On top of that, most clinics are not allowing owners to enter the building with their pets, requiring them to be dropped off and the owner waiting in their vehicle for a phone call.

One of my boys had bladder stones recently.  He needed surgery.  I had to walk him to the entryway of the specialty clinic, put him in a crate, close the door and walk away while he waited for a stranger to come and take him into the building for surgery to be performed by a vet I never met face to face and never got to look in the eye.   I do not EVER want to experience that again, and I absolutely will not even consider putting myself in the position to have to do that with a distressed bitch in whelp.  I also do not want that to be your puppy's first experience with the vet.

Not only is safe travel difficult, but I am high risk for complications from COVID-19 due to asthma. The basic exams and vet care that are required for breeding dogs and for puppies even if everything goes well puts me at risk,  the increased stress and exhaustion of puppies puts me at higher risk,  and I cannot even consider having puppies that need a tremendous amount of care I would be unable to provide should I get sick.

There will be no puppies in my house until I can be safely vaccinated.

Maybe someday Breeding - Trick x Polo

If you are interested in being considered for a puppy, I ask that you take a few minutes to read the following so you can get a good idea of how I do things and whether or not you feel I am the right breeder for you.

I hope that by reading my "life in dogs" story you can get a feel for who I am as a breeder/owner and why I place such huge importance on things such as health testing.  If you buy a dog from me, both you and that dog will always be a part of my family, and you will have become a part of my sincere effort to ALWAYS produce health companions.  There will be things you will ask of me, and there will be very important things I will ask of you - we are in it together, and even as a "just a pet" owner you will become a very important part of my life in dogs.  There have been owners who came before you that played on our team so that I had the ability to produce the amazing puppy you will take home with you, and there will be owners who will come after you who will have you and your efforts to thank one day, as well.       

If you have any questions, I encourage you to email me.  Please understand that while I do my best to respond to email as much as possible, the dogs I live with and my family come first.

I require a completed questionnaire from all potential puppy buyers. 
 If you have decided you would like to submit a questionnaire, you may find it HERE or request a copy via email.

Because it is a fairly regular question I get from buyers and I think it's perfectly fair for people to ask about price when a large purchase is concerned, the estimated cost for one of my 2019 / 2020 puppies is $2,500.  This includes a health guarantee and heath testing that will be required at the age of 2 years.  (Buyers are responsible for transportation for heath testing.)