We do not have any litters planned and we may not ever breed in the future.  The reality is that the sheer cost of this endeavor is astronomical and the stress it causes is immeasurable. 

I am going to leave some of the resources I have on my website because I think they are valuable for those who may not have purchased a purebred dog before or are not sure what to expect.  Certainly, the way I did things is not going to be the exact same way others will, but every piece of information is helpful.  At the bottom of this page I will list some breeders I have or would personally buy a dog from in a heartbeat.  (This list certainly will not cover all of them but I hope it may be a resource for you if you are looking.)

If you have any questions, I encourage you to email me.  Please understand that while I do my best to respond to email as much as possible, the dogs I live with and my family come first.

Because it is a fairly regular question I get from buyers and I think it's perfectly fair for people to ask about price when a large purchase is concerned.  You should be prepared to pay somewhere around $2,500 to $3,500 for a well bred puppy.  This should include a health guarantee.

Niwot Samoyeds

ArticCross Samoyeds

Ivory Storm Samoyeds