Friday, September 30, 2016

What to expect when you're expecting: The Photo 51 Puppy Process

I know this whole process can be a bit daunting and confusing for people interested in purchasing a puppy, so I'd like to lay out a brief outline on how things work at Photo 51.

Initial contact - I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can with information about planned litters, etc.  If you wish to be "on the list" for updates, it is best to send me a completed puppy buyer questionnaire so I have it in my binder for when I send out updates.

*If we have planned litters, but nothing currently on the ground, I am happy to answer questions, converse via email or facebook, and even discuss things on the phone if you like, but there's really not a whole lot we can do as far as making plans until we know what we actually have.  At this point in the process, I have no problem with you talking to other breeders or looking elsewhere if you wish to do so - I simply ask that you let me know where you're at with things and especially notify me if you have elected to purchase a puppy elsewhere.*  

Once breeding takes place, you will be notified via email and I will check in to see if you are still interested in a puppy.  I may have some follow up questions for you.

Once pregnancy has been confirmed, if you have indicated you are still interested, I will again notify you via email.

When the puppies are born, you will be notified via email and invited to join our facebook puppy group if you haven't already.  (I understand not everybody uses Facebook, but I can tell you that it would be worth your consideration to join if for no other reason than because it's an amazing platform for me to be able to share videos and updates as puppies grow up.  I just can't find an easier way, and when you're spending the day chasing puppies - easy always wins.)

*Please be aware that at no point in this process am I able to "guarantee" you a puppy and at no point do I accept deposits*

When puppies reach 4-6 weeks we'll begin to see their temperaments and "personalities" start to emerge and we'll start to be able to think about the best connections we have with puppy buyers.  I encourage you to be involved as much as you can with watching them grow up as your input and feedback can further help me find the best puppy for you.

I will begin sending contracts out to interested buyers for review.  At this point, unfortunately, things are still not able to be set in stone, but it's important we get a bit of a start on going over everything so you can decide if this is something you feel 100% sure about and so that we have lots of time to make adjustments, etc.   

If you are willing to allow me to show and/or breed your puppy in the future (see Breeding Partnerships), things are fairly simple - I find the puppy that suits your house best regardless of whether or not I wish to breed them in the future, and we see how s/he grows up.  If you are looking for a performance or show puppy, we seek out the puppy best suited both structurally and temperamentally (structural evaluation generally happens around 8 weeks).  If you are looking for a puppy with absolutely no showing or breeding, I will find the puppy best suited to your household after those I wish to breed have been identified.  It is not responsible for me, as a preservation breeder, to send the puppy with the best structure in a litter to a home where he will be neutered and unable to further contribute to the breed.

Between 6 & 8 weeks, I will review every single word of the contract with ALL buyers either in person or over the phone to establish we are 100% on the same page and all requirements are completely understood.  No puppy will be offered for purchase without a 100% reviewed and finalized contract in place.

Puppies may begin going to new homes between 8 & 10 weeks.  Again, this is largely dependent on the kinds of homes we have available and how readily we are able to match puppies with homes.

If you have any questions, I am ALWAYS happy to answer and explain further, please don't hesitate to contact me.