Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Questionnaire

Please complete this questionnaire and return it to Photo51Pets@hotmail.com

Please copy this questionnaire into either a word document or an email in order to complete it and return it to me.  PLEASE answer all questions as honestly as possible.  I encourage you not to tell me what you think I want to hear, as you may be surprised as to what that truly is.  

Please state your name, the names of your family members (those that will be living with your Samoyed), address, phone number, e-mail address, and occupation:


What are your reasons for wanting a Samoyed?

Do you own any other pets?
 If so, list all the pets and their breed, age, sex, where they were purchased from, whether they are spayed or neutered and what you have done with the care and training of the pet.  Also, how do you feel your current pets will accept a puppy/large dog?

Are you interested in a male (dog) or female (bitch)?  

What kind of temperament are you looking for in a dog?  (i.e. outgoing, quiet, spunky, loving, loyal, etc).  Please elaborate.

Do you work outside the home?  If so, how many hours a day will the dog be left alone?  Where will the dog be kept while you are at work?  If you work at home, do you have a plan for how you will orchestrate times for your puppy to be left alone so as to avoid separation anxiety when you must be away?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

If you have children, do they have any experience around large dogs?   If they have none, do you have a plan for handling this relationship?   If you do not currently have children, do you have plans for children in the future?

Do you have a fenced in yard?  What will be your method of restraining your dog on your property?  

Where will your dog relieve himself or herself?  How will you exercise your Samoyed?

What is the environment of your neighborhood - urban, suburban or rural?  Approximate yard size?

Do you own or rent your home?  If you rent, have you made sure you may keep a dog on the premises?  Do you have adequate space in your home for a Samoyed? 

Are you planning to take obedience classes with your puppy?  What type of training are you familiar with?  Have you taken obedience classes before?

If you are interested in a pet companion dog, do you wish to spay/neuter this pet after the age of 2 (all Photo 51 puppies must be left intact until maturity at the age of 2)?  

Are you willing to work with the breeder by allowing your dog to be shown?

If you are interested in a show potential dog, how long have you been showing dogs, how many shows do you attend?   Do you show yourself or do you use handlers?  Will you be willing to show this dog to its AKC or CKC Championship title? 

Do you have plans to breed your dog?  Are you willing to work with the breeder by possibly allowing the breeder to use your dog to breed a litter?  

Have you read my page on Breeding Partnerships?  Do you have any questions about it?

Would you be willing to X-ray your Samoyed’s Hips and Elbows at 24 months of age and submit these X-rays to OFA, GDC or PennHip for evaluation? Would you be willing to have your Samoyed’s heart and eyes checked by a canine specialist and submitted?

Please rank the following list of characteristics from 1 to 5, with 1 being not at all important & 5 being extremely important to you.

      (   )   Sex of Dog       
(   )   Size of Dog                   
(   )   Temperament   
(   )   Markings                       
(   )   Protection/Watch         
(   )   Companionship           
(   )   Playmate for kids        
(   )   Traveling Company     

Please elaborate on any physical or character attributes you are particularly looking for in a puppy.

How do you plan to handle the grooming needs of your Samoyed?  Do you have equipment for grooming at home? Will you use a professional groomer?

 Is ANY member affected with dog hair allergies?

Are you familiar with the health concerns of the Breed?  The Life Span?   What are you interested in learning about?

Who would take care of your Samoyed if you had an emergency, which took you away from your home?

What will you do with the dog when you go on a vacation or a trip?

If something were to unfortunately happen in your life that would prevent you from further caring for your Samoyed, would you be agreeable to returning the Samoyed to me immediately?

Would you be willing to sign a contract to purchase your puppy?

Would you be willing to send photos of your Samoyed at 6, 12, 18, 24 months and then yearly to us?  Would you be willing to keep me informed of how your dog is doing, health, training issues, etc.?

Do you intend to participate in any of the following with your Samoyed?  
   (   )   Conformation Shows
   (   )   Obedience Trials
   (   )   Agility
   (   )   Herding Trials
   (   )   Schutzhund
   (   )   Hiking
   (   )   Draft / Carting
   (   )   Tracking / Search and Rescue / Scent Work
   (   )   Sledding/Ski-joring
   (   )   Jogging
   (   )   Therapy Work 
   (   )   Other

What do you expect of your dog’s breeder?

Please provide 2 references, which would have knowledge of your responsible dog ownership.  This may include dog trainers, other Samoyed owners who know you, and other dog owners who know you, your veterinarian, friends, and neighbors.  Please provide name, address, and phone number, relationship and e-mail address if available.

Have you spent any time looking at my website (Photo51pets.com)?  

Do you have any questions or further comments you would like to share?

THANK YOU for completing this questionnaire.

Please send completed questionnaire to:
Amanda Van Eperen

A note about response times for emails:
My dogs are a GIANT part of my life.  This means that when we do not have puppies on the ground we go to agility or obedience class on Monday nights, swimming class on Tuesday nights, Rally class on Wednesday morning and agility again on Wednesday night, followed by a drop in class on Thursday afternoon and sometimes on Friday nights.  If you don't hear back from me right away, please don't panic!