CH ArticCross 'n Double Helix's 
Mendelian Masterpiece RE CA ACT1 CGC

Named after Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, Mendel is where our Samoyed kennel begins.  He and I flew home from Seattle on January 17th, 2011 and he's been a dream ever since.

Dam:  BISS CH Hawkwind Rocks the Gene Pool  (Allele)
Sire:  CH Hawkwind's ArticCross Emerald  (Rico)

Hips: Excellent 
Elbows: Normal
CERF:  Normal
PRA: Normal
RD/OSD: (Optigen) Normal
Cardiac:  Normal - Cardiologist

Mendel on the OFA Website
Mendel's Pedigree

Thank you to ArticCross and Double Helix Samoyeds for this beautiful boy who has completely stolen my heart and changed my life forever!

Mendel is my first conformation show dog and I have loved every adventure with him since the day he came home. 

Jack of all trades...
Master of Love!

There are so very many things I simply love about this dog.  A great many of them are traits he shares with his parents.  Mendel is a structurally sound and beautifully moving dog, but the thing I treasure most about him is his temperament.  Mendel lives for love and for fun.  If you've never seen him work in harness you're likely to be certain there isn't a serious bone in his body.  His joy filled outlook on life is positively contagious, and I've yet to maintain the ability to stay angry about anything since the day I brought him home.  It's a darn good thing he's so perfect because I still don't know how I could ever get mad at that smiley face. 

Given what a huge goof-off he is, I was exceptionally impressed with how much Mendel enjoys working in harness.  Having never worked a dog in harness before, I was truly amazed when within a city block he put his head down and went straight to work pulling me on my roller blades. 

See Mendel's progress in achieving his Working Samoyed (WS) title here.


Mendel's first point - Oshkosh KC
Mendel and sister Heli - on the way home from Farmington National

Mama Allele, Sister Sookie, Mendel (L-R)  Sweepstakes wins - Veterans & Puppy

Waukasha Kennel Club Major Win

Mendel and sister Heli - Gettysburg National Trip
Mendel and sister Heli - Southfork, TX National
Sire Mendel (center) with daughters Synnie (left) and Mars (right)  2015