CH Bilrost's Out of this World 

Sire:   CH ArticCross N Double Helix's Mendelian Masterpiece   (Mendel)
Dam: CH Hawkwind's Morganite Moonstone  (Morgana)

Hips: Good 
 Elbows: Normal 

 Eyes:  Normal  
 PRA: Normal
RD/OSD:  Normal
Cardiac:  normal / ECHO
  Mars on the OFA website
Mars' Pedigree

Sire Mendel (L) with daughters Mars (center, green girl) and Synnie (right, red girl) 2014

Mars was the green girl in the Mendel x Morgana litter.    She has been a little stinker since the day I met her.  She's a sweet girl who was both eager to please and eager to push every boundary she ever encountered.  Often, when her sisters would run out of energy and snuggle into a pile to go to sleep Mars would get frustrated and keep poking at them to try and wake them up.  In order to keep the peace, she and I would go outside and do some leash training or brain games until she was tired out and willing to go to sleep with her sisters.  Mars and I had several "discussions" about what she was and was not the boss of in her first few months of life.  Mars is owned by our partner, Niwot Samoyeds in Colorado.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in both showing and breeding Mars.  My very first Working group placement was with Mars, and I can still hardly believe we did it.

Baby Mars

Sire Mendel (center) with daughters Synnie (left) and Mars (right)  2015