Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exciting News!!

I work very hard to never forget how lucky I am when it comes to my dogs.  I have been fortunate to share my lives with some of the best ones a girl could ask for, and I've had some absolutely amazing people become a part of my life as result of them, as well.  

Mendel was, is, and continues to be everything I hoped for when I found out his litter was planned.  I was in love with him before he was even bred, and I was so lucky to have been included in the whole process by his breeders.  Sometimes I still have to ask myself if the whole thing is even real.  I've been working with dogs a long time, and I'd love to tell you that bringing Mendel home with me in January 2011 was a culmination of my long honed skills at work, but the reality is that I operated on a whole lot of gut feelings and unadulterated dumb luck.  I got ridiculously lucky.

There are lots of different ways breeding a dog can work out.  Sometimes a breeder owns both dogs and there are no special arrangements to be made.  Sometimes the stud dog owner never even gets to meet the bitch their dog is being bred to.  I got ridiculously lucky and was able to have Morgana at my house for a few weeks to fall in love with while she was visiting to be bred.  I already knew she was gorgeous, but for a person who places so much value on temperament, it was a truly amazing opportunity to have a chance to spend time with Morgana and enjoy her wonderful temperament. 

I am over-the-moon happy to have Morgana - with her stunning movement, exceptional beauty, and stellar temperament - as the dam of Mendel's first litter.           


 I just love these pictures of the happy couple while they were together at our house.

Some candid shots from Morgana's stay...

Morgana came to work with me the first night she was here.  She kept wondering around and couldn't seem to get comfortable.  Finally I realized I had forgotten to bring a blanket for her.  I laid my coat down on the floor for her and she immediately curled up and went to sleep.  Silly human, you'd think I would know better.

Morgana and Lilly enjoying their bed time bully sticks.

3 Dog Night:  Mendel (closest), Morgana, and Lilly (curled up in back)

No problem getting comfortable for this girl

Hey, you're gonna share that pizza with us, RIGHT?

Just making sure you don't get lonely, Mom.