Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life at Photo 51: Show time!

Getting pretty for the show! 

First we got his feet and hocks all nice and trimmed up.

Nice bath and blow dry and Mr. Mendel is looking lovely.  He's FINALLY starting to get some big boy coat in.  Hopefully he'll keep it for a while this time.  :)

19 Months Old

At the show.  I spy a little girl's tail....

Your Photo 51 tip for the day:
I've been eyeing these "On Ice" bags to keep the dogs cool at shows or other events for a while, but they're just so expensive.
The other day while at the store looking for something else, some great big camping dry bags caught my eye.  It occured to me that if you're supposed to be able to fill a dry bag with gear and keep it from getting wet, it just might work to fill the bag with something wet (like ice) and keep it from leaking out.  For $13.00 I was willing to find out.  It worked amazingly well.
Would I fill the thing with water and hang it upside down over my computer?  Certainly not.  But it did a pretty good job of holding everything in, and one must expect there to be water even with a completely watertight container because the bag will sweat in a humid environment.  I just put a towel under and on top of the bag and had Mendel lay down on it. 

As you can see, he definitely approves of his new ice bag!