Thursday, January 24, 2013

Looking this good is Hard Work

Mendel had an appearance at Barnes & Noble to do story time this winter.  He visited with the kids and "helped" me read Hero Finds His Path, a story about a Samoyed who learns to love himself for who he is.
(The story of the event coming soon)

Normally, we don't show in the winter because I don't really have a very good grooming set up in the house and it's too cold to groom outside, but this was such a great opportunity we just had to make it happen. 

Necessity is the mother of invention.  It was tight, but we got our bathing tub to fit in the shower.

Mendel hadn't been groomed in about 3 1/2 months so he was pretty dirty.  First was the scrubbing...

Then the rinsing...

Then the drying...

Mendel played with his buddies for a couple hours before bath time so by this point he was really getting tired.  He fell asleep on the grooming table while I was drying him a couple times.

THIS is why I don't like grooming in the house.  It took as long to clean up as it did to groom Mendel.

Sooooo sleepy!

"Come to bed Mom, it's nap time"

It's hard to see, so let me explain:  Mendel was really, really exhausted by this point, but I had a lot of cleaning up to do after grooming him.  He kept laying down and falling asleep, then I would go in the other room and he would get up and follow me, lay down and fall back asleep, then I would move again...  He was getting awfully tired of me moving around so much so when I went into my bedroom he jumped up on the bed and climbed onto me.  I gave him a hug and he promptly rested his head on my arm and tried to go to sleep.  I guess he figured if he held me down and slept I would quit moving around all over the place.  I snapped this photo with my phone using the mirror on my dresser. 
I decided since he was such a good boy for his bath I would lay down and cuddle with him for a little bit - the mess could wait.