Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Pretty

I have heard a number of times that people think a show dog has to be *taught* how to stand still in a stacked position.  It is suggested that it's not "natural" for a dog to do such a thing.  Talk about silly.  Certainly, teaching them to do it when ASKED is something we like to work on, but I've never known a dog who DIDN'T naturally stand in a "stacked" position when they're looking intently at something.  A dog who is structurally correct, when standing this way, will be in a perfect "show stack" all on his own - there is no need whatsoever to teach him any special way to stand. 

Here's just a few times I've caught Mendel standing pretty in every day life with my phone's camera.

At the Dog Park, watching for chipmunks

In my parents' driveway after getting groomed.  I was putting away the tub, he was watching a neighbor walk her dog down the street.