Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween: Forget dress up, we're here for the pumpkins

Around here, we don't always get into the dress up part of Halloween, but we sure do enjoy a good chicken stuffed pumpkin for a a treat.

Lilly makes quick work of her pumpkins.  The girl does not joke around when there's food involved.

Mendel is a little more... dainty.

Oh dear, Lilly, perhaps we should have done this outside...

The next time we got pumpkins, later that week, waiting patiently for their goodies.

This time I got smart and we did pumpins outside.

Mendel had a sock on his foot because he was recovering from a cut in his toe

Notice little Miss Sassy Pants climbing on the stone by the deck, seeing if she could manage to squeeze through the bars to steal Mendel's pumpkin...