Sunday, September 30, 2012

SCA 2012 Gettysburg: Behind the Scenes Edition

When it comes to big shows like the National we always do a "pre-bath bath" before we leave.  I was putting away the tub and turned around to see Mendel watching the neighbor walking her dog down the street.  He was looking so gorgeous I just had to grab my phone and snap a picture.

When you drive a little compact car, you've got to make space somewhere...

Pit Stop in Ohio on our way to Pennsylvania.  We LOVED this room at the Red Roof

Mendel enjoying a bully stick on the front lawn of a hotel in Pennsylvania while we waited for Julie

Enjoying some peanut butter kongs in their crate at our grooming set up in Gettysburg.  Mendel and Lilly almost always share a big crate when we go to shows.  They keep each other company. 

Lilly found a nice comfy spot by Drea at the hotel in Gettysburg