Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Show Report: GMSF Specialty Weekend 2011

It was hot!  Too hot!  I have promised Mendel we will never enter 5 consecutive days of summer shows EVER again.

Friday:  Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers Specialty

Sweepstakes Judge: Cheryl Lundin

Mendel placed 3rd in his class
Mendel's sister, Heli (Articcross N Double Helix Unzip Your Genes), got Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps

Regular class Judge: Judge Dr Daniel Fleitas

BISS:  Mendel's half brother, Mater (Ch Double Helix Tractor Tipping)
RWD:  Mendel  (major reserve)
RWB:  Mendel's sister, Heli  (major reserve)
AOM:  Mendel's uncle, Rocco (Ch Hawkwind's Moroccan Marble)

Brood Bitch:  Mendel's dam, Allele, along with 1/2 brother Mater and sister Heli
         (photo with Allele and her winning progeny coming soon)

Mendel's other siblings, Sookie and FISH, won their classes

Saturday:  Waukesha Kennel Club

Breeder Judge  Tamiko Lynch

BOB:  Mendel's uncle, Ray (GCH Hawkwind's Padparaja O'Fionntan)
RWD (major):  Mendel
Select Dog:  Mendel's daddy, Rico
Select Bitch:  Mendel's Aunt, Nova (GCH Hawkwind's Ruby SuperNova)

Sunday:  Waukesha Kennel Club

Judge: Mr George Murray

RWD (major): Mendel
Select Bitch: Mendel's Aunt, Nova

Monday:  Burlington Wisconsin Kennel Club

Judge:  Mrs Toddie Clark

WD/BOW (cross-over major):  Mendel's brother, FISH (ArticCross N Double Helix Fish the Gene Pool)
RWD:  Mendel
WB/BOS (major): Mendel's sister, Heli

Tuesday:  Burlington Wisconsin Kennel Club

Judge:  Mrs Sherrie Morgan

WD:  Mendel's brother, FISH
RWD: Mendel
Sister, Heli, won her class

Are you seeing a pattern here?