Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Exposure 2011

I didn't take many pictures at the show b/c my camera is simply not up to the challenge with low light and moving dogs.  Here are a few I did catch:

Saturday Judge: Hazel Fitzgibbon

Mater (Mendel's half brother) getting pretty

Happy Agate

Saturday Best of Breed lineup

Mendel's sister Heli teaching him how to be good (Mendel right, Heli left - 5mo old)

Morgana (Hawkwind's Morganite Moonstone) waiting her turn

Morgana took Winners Bitch on Sunday under judge Cindy Meyer


Click on each video to view larger on youtube.com

Mater (Mendel's half brother)

Nova - Nova took Select Bitch on Sunday

Tarot - Hawkwind's Azurite in the Cards

Gina Cashen and her lovely boy Layne

Agate - Hawkwind's Painted Canyon Agate

Morgana on the move

Ares - Hawkwind's Arctic Ares