Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New RN Title!

Lilly is now officially "Treehugger's Sign of Spring RN CGC"

It was the very definition of disorganization.

I got up at the very last second this morning so Lilly and I could go to Milwaukee and attempt to get our third Rally Novice leg and a new title.

I drove to a McDonalds for some coffee.  All I found was the frame of a building that was obviously being remodeled.

I was hoping the gas station that has been "going to open" for the last 4 months would finally be open for business so I could get gas before I got on the highway.  It wasn't.

At least the drive was fairly uneventful.  The inevitable construction was fairly minor.

We found the place with no problem, but missed the turn in order to avoid being rear-ended by the car behind us.

At this point we discovered that somebody forgot the crate.  We quickly got over it.

We got there with a reasonable amount of time to check in, do a few watch me drills, and begin to roast in the sun.  Lilly was getting a little annoyed, but she settled down.

I wasn't terribly worried about the crate because of this.  It worked great.

When our turn came, Lilly did her very best to pretend she was having fun even though she just wasn't all that into it.  She discovered that I was in the ring with her and trying to be happy and engaging about halfway through the course.  We still got a 94, and I can't complain about that at all.

I'm so proud of her.

No place ribbons, but we did get a fancy "New Title" ribbon.


It matches her new bag, even.


Well, kinda.

I managed to kill the buzz from doing so well in the ring by backing over my bag chair while pulling out of the parking spot.  (I leaned it against the back of the car to get Lilly in and promptly forgot about it.  This is not a new problem for me.  Forgetting things on top of or behind my car is exactly how this happened.)

This place made everything better.


Lilly completely enjoyed her ice cream.


And I enjoyed my frighteningly enormous burger.

When we got home, a good long nap was had by all.