Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kibble & Pre-Packaged Foods

I feed my dogs a prey model raw diet.  I find it to be the best nutritional option for us, and I feel they benefit greatly from the time I put into doing it.  However, I recognize that not only is raw feeding a little scary for some, it's simply not an option for others.  Here are some foods that, if necessary, I would be willing to feed my dogs.

A lot of people think that you have to spend a lot of money to feed your pet top of the line healthy food. Certainly, if you want to feed holistic or organic dog food, you're going to pay more for it, but there are tons of other great foods that don't take such a big a chunk out of the pocket book. Very often, more expensive foods do pay for themselves in the long run, but it is quite common for unimpressive foods to be high priced simply because they are a household name.

Click on the brand name to go to the manufacturers web site.
(foods are listed in no particular order)

Some GRAIN FREE options: 
(If you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend Grain Free foods)

EVO (made by Innova)*
Taste of the Wild*
Surf and Turf (made by Fromms)*
Instinct (made by Nature's Variety)

Canidae/Felidae *

Some pre-mixed Raw diet foods I have tried and like:


Nature's Variety

If you're interested in Raw diets - this web site has LOTS of different kinds available:     Barf

Also, check here for Raw foods that may be available near you!  Dog Feeding Info
(click on "widely distributed" for a good place to start)      

Premixed raw foods are a great way to get started on a raw diet, but raw feeding does not mean you have to be chained to commercially produced foods if you don't want to be.  With a little research and effort, it is perfectly reasonable (and tons cheaper) to make your own diets.  In fact, this really should be your ultimate goal with raw feeding because ground foods really don't do anywhere near as much for the teeth as whole cuts of meat and edible bones do.   

The foods with a * can be found at:
The Family Pet Food Center
1228 S Military
Green Bay WI 54304

Click here for directions!

You may have noticed that Nutro has been kicked off my list. I feel that in many ways Nutro has "sold out". Nutro used to say that they would NEVER sell in the "box stores". First, they started selling at PetCo and PetSmart, (which wasn't all that bad because at least these were pet supply chains) then they went into Fleet Farm and other box stores - they totally broke their promise in order to pursue greater profits. Now their canned foods have given them away - they were one of the foods on recall lists along with other low end foods. This tells me that their canned foods are being produced with the same garbage ingredients as the rest of the junk foods on that list. As far as I'm concerned, Nutro has given up on the promises they made to quality and health and are focused more on their profits. I'm sorry to say - Nutro has lost my support.